Sole Ownership:

You are responsible for all costs and profits. You have sole choice of colours & names.


This is known as a syndicate & involves the participation of more than one owner. It provides a cost effective way to get involved in racehorse ownership by allowing a group of owners to share the costs of buying and training racehorses.

Joint Ownership:

Can consist of between 2 & 12 individuals, all of whom must be registered owners.All owners are liable under the rules of racing.

Racing Partnership:

Consists of between 2 & 20 individuals of whom at least 2 must be registered owners. Two of those registered become nominated partners who are jointly liable under the rules of racing.

Company Ownership:

A way of using your company to own a horse. The company is the sole owner but shareholders in the company participate in racehorse ownership through their shareholdings. Its a good way to advertise your company and claim back VAT.

Racing Clubs:

Racing Clubs offer a low priced introduction into racing involvement. They usually require a one-off subscription fee of anything from £100 & up. By becoming a member you recieve the benefits of that club, but are not entering into ownership directly.

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2021 Gelding Brown

Sire: Cable Bay

Dam: Cadenza